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Eva Unit 01
EVA Analysis: Asuka Langley Sohryuu


Buckle up. It’s time to go on a massive analysis of Asuka Langley Sohryuu, or How Most of the Casual Fandom Gets Her Wrong.



  • The importance of pilothood to Asuka.
  • Her relationships with Kaji, Shinji, and Rei.
  • The meaning of the “Hell Kitchen” scene in End of Evangelion.
  • An explanation of histrionic personality disorder.
  • And so much more!

Warnings for suicide, thanatophobia, discussion of mental illness, mention of rape, menstruation, nudity, basically any trigger warnings for Evangelion etc.etc. It’s also very long, clocking in at twelve thousand four hundred forty-seven words. If I miss anything, let me know.

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